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School is often talked about by adults as the “best days of your life”. However, when you are facing state exams such as the Junior Certificate, the day-to-day pressures make school feel like the “worst days of your life”.

Have you tried weekly grinds to get ahead of the pack or simply to keep up? Are you a junkie for all of the revision books published to help you “get it”, when all they seem to be is another text book covering the same material in almost the same depth of detail? Are you looking for revision notes for your Junior Cert that are logically structured and easy to remember?

There is a simpler way to revise for your Junior Cert. I was lucky to learn about the power of Mind Mapping when I was still in primary school. Invented by Tony Buzan, who has written over 100 books on the topic, MindMapping is a system of note-taking that allows you to summarise a huge amount of detail on just a single page. So, when it comes to revision time, all I have to do is study my Mind Maps, not pages of handwritten notes and highlighted text in my school books.

The beauty of this system is that it is all organised in a logical way. Therefore, it is a huge aid to your memory when trying to learn. Humans learn by association.  Your associative memory can be represented on a single piece of paper as an information bubble at the centre of a page, with lots of other information bubbles leading out from the centre. Each bubble is linked by a wavy line.So what is so special about this? Well, from a study point of view you might have a chapter heading in the middle of a page surrounded by topics covered in the chapter. Moving out from each topic you might have some keywords or points that remind you of the detail contained in the chapter. It is all logically structured and easy to remember.

You can download free Mindmap examples for all 10 subjects on this website.

Just go to the individual subject pages on the Top Navigation Bar to find the downloads.


This is a photo of me presenting a copy of my Junior Cert Maths MindMaps to Tony Buzan, the inventor of MindMaps


This is what your Junior Cert results could look like once you start to study in an effective and efficient way

Click on the sample mindmap about "The Renaissance" below, to see the amount of structured information that can be summarised on a single page. You may also choose any of the links on the subject buttons to view the course outline and to download a free sample mindmap for any subject.

Click to view downloadable PDF

Can you imagine having a picture of this MindMap in your head when you go to sit your Junior Cert history exam next June? I am sure you can. What you can see is a visual representation of the chapter, and all it contains, on a single page. If you revise this one hour after completing it, revisit it one day later, then after one week and finally after one month, you will find that the entire MindMap is ingrained in your long-term memory. It is a simple 5 visit process to get the MindMap from short-term memory to long-term memory. Your brain operates in a visual way and you are now feeding it in a way that allows it to file and categorise information in the way that suits it best. Can you see how easy it is to remember the course content when it can be seen as the branches of a tree?

So what? Well, I have personally used Mind Mapping to summarise the entire Junior Cert Courses in 10 different subjects and I am currently working on doing the same for the Leaving Cert. I recently completed Leaving Cert 2012, and was lucky enough to get 600 points by using MindMaps as a study aid. I am absolutely convinced that using MindMaps as a study aid can make a huge difference to your results. I have decided to share my Junior Cert Mindmaps and Leaving Cert MindMaps with other students, who can benefit significantly from the course summaries that I have created. This is not meant to be a shortcut so that you no longer have to do the work. Rather, it is a structured summary of all you need to know in each subject in order to achieve straight “A’s” in your Junior Cert and eventually your Leaving Cert. It is a powerful revision aid that will allow you to focus on what is important for supercharging your exam performance. Check out some of the customer comments further down this page to get a flavour of how buyers are reacting to this new and innovative study tool.

Some of the benefits of MindMaps include the following:
* They allow students to quickly recognise relationships between ideas
* The process of building or adding to existing MindMaps can help build understanding on any topic
* MindMaps are structured to help classify information and work out the information to be included in essays, projects and exam questions
* Having the ability to add colour and graphics aids memory recall for all students
* They are a good motivating tool for those who do not enjoy studying textbooks
* They allow students to see all the information in context, with words and pictures
* MindMaps support personalised learning to complement different learning styles
* They provide a visual platform to collate and group information from different sources

MindMaps are also ideal for learners with Assisted Learning needs and can be used to support students with course work, literacy and developing strategies to cope with specific Assisted Learning difficulties.

So what is the catch? There isn’t one unless you think I should give away my work for free. I have spent more than two years creating these Mind Maps for myself and I continue to refine them even further so that you, the Junior Cert student, can benefit from my work.There are in excess of 700 MindMaps in the entire set of 10 subjects. Priced at €9.95 per subject, they cost a fraction of the typical cost of your grinds or revision courses. Take a look at the sample mindmaps in each subject and download examples for free from the page for that subject.

Study more effectively - Work Smart Not Hard

Allow the power of focus to help you achieve superb results

Waste less time

Train your memory to deliver for you

Avoid having to re-read entire books before the exams

Forget about getting grinds at €20 to €40 per hour

Save your parents some money

If you are doing the Junior Cert in 2014 or even 2015, don't wait until April or May next year to start studying smarter. Start right now. The sooner you become familiar with using MindMaps, the easier your exam preparation will be. Surprise yourself and your parents with the significant jump in your grades. Lose the stress and get ahead of the pack now.

Once your payment has been processed, I will send you a personalised copy of the mindmaps in PDF format for each subject by email, usually within 15 minutes of placing your order.  You can then view them on screen or print them at home (or both). Each set has a unique code which identifies the purchaser so please do not share them with your friends. Instead, encourage them to get their own.  If you cannot buy online, drop me an email to tammy@juniorcertmindmaps.com and I will provide you with a postal address that you can send a cheque or postal order to!

The Mindmaps for Science, French, Religion, English, CSPE, History, Geography, Business Studies, Maths and Irish are available right now. You may download free samples for any subject right now and return to buy the complete subject set later. MindMaps can be printed on A4 or A3 sized paper or viewed on screen from 100% to 6,400% in Adobe Acrobat to make for easy reading and memorising.

Take them to your local photocopy/print shop on a CD or memory stick if you want them printed onto A3 paper, which is twice the size of A4. The key to learning here is in maximising the amount of linked information that is contained on each individual MindMap. Once you can visualise the logical links, you will have no difficulty in remembering the detail. Make the MindMaps your own by using colour highlighters on different branches to make them easier to remember. Add your own notes to make them even more effective.

My Dad's printer has come up with a special price of 27 cents per page for enlargement to A3 sized paper. The firm is known as Exaktaprint and is based in Dun Laoghaire. If you send them the electronic file, they can print whatever you need, bind it into a booklet and can post it out to you. The proprietor's name is Philip Maher and he may be contacted on 01-284 4779 or by email on exaktaprint@eircom.net . To see the difference in size between A4 and A3, look at the images below. A4 is on the right in each image.



To make a purchase, you may use our Quick Shop menu or simply click "Add to Cart" at the bottom of each subject page to select that subject. When you are done, just click "View Cart" to complete your transaction. The recently added "Quick Shop" page will allow you to quickly select the subjects you want to purchase and then make your payment.Simply click on the Quick Shop button on the top navigation bar.

All payments are securely processed through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, don't worry. You can use a credit card to make your purchase by following the prompts after you have clicked on the "View Cart" button. Be sure to ask your parents for permission before making a purchase. Buy as many as you like and good luck in your exams!

Because of the popularity of the Website and the huge amount of Mindmaps being sent to people every day, I have automated the system so that your order is processed immediately upon completion of payment through PayPal. This means that you should get your download codes, for all purchased MindMaps, in an email from me within minutes of placing your order. If for some strange reason you do not receive your download codes within 15 minutes, it is most likely because your email system has either placed my email to you in a Junk Mail folder or your firewall settings have stopped the email reaching you. If this happens, check your Junk Mail folder first. If my email is not there, please email me immediately at tammy@juniorcertmindmaps.com to let me know that you have not received your MindMaps. Please include a telephone number where I can contact you so I can troubleshoot the problem with you. I promise to resolve any difficulties and get your MindMaps to you within 24 hours during school term time. As delivery is electronic, returns are not accepted and no refunds will be issued

Copyright ©
Copyright theft is a serious issue and I would encourage Junior Cert students to respect my copyright to the materials I am offering to them.  The MindMaps are not expensive and most people can afford to buy them should they want to. Please avoid the temptation to get unlicensed copies from your friends.  Each set of MindMaps will be printed with your name on each page, or the name of the purchaser, if the purchaser chooses not to put in the full student name when making a purchase. This clearly identifies the source of illegally copied materials. Also, all electronic files have a unique identifier that can be traced back to the original purchaser. It is my Dad’s policy to pursue anyone using illegal copies of the MindMaps by all legal means necessary.           

If you want to buy all 10 Subjects at once, just click on the "Buy Now" Button below. Then just follow the links to complete your transaction.

Please enter the student's full name at the checkout when making a purchase of all 10 subjects.

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Customer Comments

  • I was in business myself in the past & I can see that you have mastered a lot of what is required at a very young age. I wish you continued success & growth. Loretta
  • Just had a look at the MindMaps you sent me, they’re excellent! Thanks for getting them to me so fast. Fiona
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  • Came across your site by accident when looking for some sort of information for my daughter on revising for Junior Cert (she’s only in 2nd Year). Will be purchasing tomorrow but think the samples are only fantastic!! Well done and I look forward to getting the rest when you have them ready.Kathy
  • Thanks Tammy, you are a great girl. They are great. I have told lots of people about them so hopefully you will get more business. Derval
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  • I am a teacher and vastly impressed with your work. The package is very good value. Well done! You are proof that some sparks can survive in a system that often dampens enthusiasm and initiative. Breda
  • Thanks Tammy. My son finds them easy to learn, pads them out with a few notes and is doing great! Some of his teachers have put them on the board passing them off as their own work and he is disgusted with the dishonesty. Linda
  • I stumbled upon your amazing website and want to purchase some Geography MindMaps. I am a teacher and want to show them to my students as I think they will be interested in them for other subjects. I think the Mindmaps are a brilliant way of remembering information. Your Mindmaps are better than the revision books that the **** publishing company do. If you had them reproduced in a book form in Eason’s I am sure you would sell more than the ****** **** book!! I will spread the word about your website. Clare
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  • Dear Tammy, I was given the job of printing your MindMaps notes onto A3 paper by my daughter who is currently studying for her Junior Certificate. The reason why I am writing to you is to compliment you on your initiative and business acumen on making MindMaps available to a wider audience. I understand you wish to study Medicine. I wish you every success in this regard. I have no doubt that opportunities will arise for you in future years, particularly in the area of new medical devices. I urge you to retain your initiative and ability to think differently – because Ireland needs people like you. John
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  • I bought the mind maps for my son who is starting 2nd year and my daughter who has completed her junior cert. I bought them for her so she can see how they work and understand them. I have to say they seem great and are very concise. Congrats to you on the great work and well done for your entrepreneurial mind to sell them. Mary
  • Thanks, Tammy. All received and downloaded.great work. They're amazing. Caroline
  • Thank you for Junior Cert Mindmaps - my son is waiting on his results but found your mindmaps invaluable. Catherine


Before showing you newspaper articles and radio interviews about Junior Cert MindMaps,

I would like to offer the following advice to students facing the Junior Cert in 2014:


The Wall

Preparing for the Junior Cert is a steady climb and not a last minute leap



If you do the groundwork early on, then you will soar over obstacles when the Junior Cert approaches


Even the greatest of walls can be climbed once you have determination


Work steadily throughout the year and your exams will be like a walk in the park


Take an overview of where you are going before deciding the route you are going to take


Split your time evenly between subjects


In your examination preparation, prepare for war while hoping for peace


Believe in your personal star and you will achieve everything you set out to do


Pursue your dreams whatever they might be



There is no limit to what you can achieve if you are prepared to work hard and anyone can reach dizzying heights


Don't be afraid to march out of step with everyone else if your instincts tell you it is right to do so.

Remember that some people you may have once considered to be warriors may really have feet of clay.


Behave with respect and dignity towards others as you pursue your own dreams



Don't fill your head with too much information in a single sitting

The Birds

Learn how to work smart not hard - overworking is for the birds!


Don't cave in from all the pressure


Getting ready for the exams is a balancing act with just the right amount of effort in each subject


Don't feel you are completely under water. Take plenty of deep breaths and you will eventually come back to the surface


Get plenty of rest so that you can turn on the power when you need it


Don't forget to take time to eat properly to recharge your batteries


Relax with music or art


Take time out to do the things you enjoy and then your study program won't seem to be such a burden


Life can be a beach when the work is done and the exams are over

Tammy Strickland
2nd Year Student TCD

P.S. For more information about how to use Mindmapping for all kinds of things, and how to create your own, visit MindMapping4Individuals.com

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